Own label

Own label

Laboratory of sustainability initiatives

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Besides being extremely important to the business, Carrefour's own label is used as a laboratory in sustainability initiatives that the Group believes in. In it, various actions are taken to provide high quality, affordable products that are sustainable at every stage of the production process. All of its own label products are GMO-free, accompanied by a data sheet, and suppliers are monitored. Carrefour believes that the genetic manipulation of food is still controversial, and its position is precautionary worldwide.

In addition, several of the products also have independent certification. One example is its Rainforest Alliance Certified beef. The seal guarantees that the meat comes from farms that follow international standards of environmental conservation, respect for employees and local communities, and animal welfare rules. The certified product is the result of a partnership with the Marfrig Group (São Paulo / State of São Paulo) and the JD Group (Fazenda São Marcelo), which, in 2012, became the first company in the food sector - and the only one - to track the complete cycle of beef production, and be certified by the Institute of Forestry and Agricultural Management and Certification (IMAFLORA), a non-governmental organization responsible for the audit.





The packaging of its own label products also respects the consumer; it is made from coated paper that is FSC certified (or has a minimum of mixtures that prevent recycling) and has the most relevant information written in Braille (stressing the importance of diversity and inclusion for Carrefour). It also has pictograms about selective disposal (according to ABNT standards), and tips on responsible consumption. These tips were developed in partnership with the Akatu Institute.

These are some of the initiatives developed and used by Carrefour to influence its chain in a positive manner.