Social responsibility


Nitro Quimica runs a social responsibility program in São Miguel Paulista, where our headquarters is located. With 70% of our employees living in this district, investments in local projects are designed not only to benefit community residents but also to provide training and education to Company employees, ensuring the long-term availability of a skilled workforce and providing job and income opportunities to their families. In 2016, Nitro Quimica allocated more than R$ 1.2 million to support social responsibility projects and donations.

Supported projects

Escola de Talentos

This initiative develops an entrepreneurial mindset in students at public schools. Using case studies describing the professional and personal achievements of leading entrepreneurs and leaders in the region and company employees, the project aims to motivate students to achieve their dreams and discover their inner talents.

Escola de Talentos also encourages students to overcome the social and economic challenges they face and supports their personal development by identifying their vocations and providing job-seeking advice.

Arte Urbana – GrafitArte

The 900-meter long, 2,500 square-meter wall surrounding the Nitro Quimica plant served as a canvas for artists in the region to express the 400-year history of the district of São Miguel Paulista through graffiti art. It is one of the largest graffiti murals in Latin America.

The initiative was supported through tax incentives. Nitro Quimica painted the 900-meter wall white for participating artist to then exercise their creativity.

Around 30 graffiti artists were selected and attended history classes to plan their art projects. The project is a case study in combining art with social inclusion, and has become an excursion destination for public schools in the region.

Martial Arts

Children from poor communities in the region attend taekwondo lessons in an initiative supported by Nitro Quimica. In a 10-month workshop hosted at the Jesus Mestre Church, in Jardim Lapenna, 60 children attended twice a week to learn more about this martial art, which has recently become an Olympic sport.

TUCCA and the Barretos Cancer Hospital

Nitro Quimica supports two of Brazil’s leading organizations in the fight against cancer: TUCCA (Association for Children and Adolescents with Cancer) and the Barretos Cancer Hospital.

TUCCA aims to improve survival rates and quality of life for impoverished children and adolescents in treatment for cancer at hospitals in São Paulo. In 2016, Nitro Quimica supported the McDonald’s Happy Day fundraiser for children with cancer by purchasing 500 tickets. The company also supported a Comprehensive Care project called “Diagnosis to Cure”, which offers accurate diagnostics and high-quality, multi-disciplinary care to impoverished children and adolescents with cancer.

The Barretos Cancer Hospital is today Brazil’s most advanced center for cancer treatment. Last year alone it performed 2.2 million medical procedures, 80,555 chemotherapy sessions and provided care to 21,480 inpatients and 151,883 outpatients from 2032 municipalities in districts across Brazil. The hospital offers treatment free of charge.

Nitro Quimica has supported the Barretos Cancer Hospital since 2015 with tax-deducted funds allocated to research and equipment for cancer treatment.

No Canto da Cidade

Combining literature with music, the No Canto da Cidade project opens doors for artists in São Paulo’s far east district. Nitro Quimica sponsored project performances at Fábrica de Cultura venues in Itaim Paulista and São Miguel Paulista and at schools in the region. Funds provided were tax deductible.

Culture at Hospitals

Created by Associação Arte Despertar, this project helps to create a more humane hospital experience through artistic interventions using the language of literature and music, including role-play activities involving patients, caregivers and health professionals.

Every week, at least eight hours of activities are provided at the Tide Setúbal Municipal Hospital, located near our Company headquarters. Nitro Quimica co-sponsors the project (with tax deductible funds) and has also promoted the initiative at the hospital and in the community.

Engaging directly with society

Nitro Quimica provides an Ombudsman's Office through which employees, suppliers, customers and community members can anonymously report concerns and complaints. The service is run by an independent firm and can be reached via a toll-free number or by e-mail at ouvidorianitroquimi[email protected]